13 December 2011


Hello my Friends,

ViVE Beads Online will be closed from 19-26 Dec 2011. Any orders/ payment received during this period will be processed on 27 Dec. We apologised for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

06 December 2011

How to change watch battery

Step 1 : Open the back cover

Step 2 : remove the plastic cover (inside)

 Step 3 : Remove the old battery and insert the new one
Step 4 : put back the plastic cover and close the back cover !!

03 December 2011

Beads Feature - Czech Rectangles, Donut, Hex Shapes

Gemstone Donut 7x5mm Copper  Opaque YellowPolished Diamonds 9x8mm  Coral Pink PicassoPolished Rectangles 8x12mm Dk. Topaz - Picasso
Donut, Hex and Rectangle Shapes

In the beautiful world of Czech Beads, life is never boring. Who said that everything must be round? With these shapes, you can add creativity and versatility into your designs. For example:

Isn't that nice? Go ahead, play around with your beads. Remember, the more you work with them, the better you become.


Today I felt very happy when I received an early Xmas present from Ms Josephine Wong (Hong Kong), she sent me her first mini book ~ The Art of Mosaic Beading (book 1).
Josephine is one of the BEST instructor in Hong Kong, she attended many Bead Shows in Japan, and her works are being selected by Japan Art Association ( in Japanase language :)


*2009「佳作入選」(Cherry blossom)

You may visit her website to get to know her better :
I love her works........she really inspires me a lot with the pretty designs, the beads and the colours she uses.

29 November 2011

Beads Feature: Czech Pearls

Pearl Coat  4mm Mint

Pearl Coat  4mm Wisteria

Pearl Coat  4mm Bonnie Blue Mix

Enjoy these round Czech Pearls beads made from? You guess right - Czech Republic. These are glass pearls and the quality is excellent. Although they are not genuine pearls, they come close in weight, feel and smooth surfaces. You may even surprise your friends, at a fraction of the price of genuine pearls. These beads have holes running through them and are ideal for many projects. They look good by themselves or mix them up with Czech Glass and Seed beads. At ViVE Beads, we have them in a variety of sizes and colours.

26 November 2011

My First Bead Swap

Remember the days before emails and Facebook? We look forward to the arrival of the postman, with mails from all over world. Anyone remember pen pals? How we wait for the postman to come. How our hands tremble with eagerness as we slowly peel open the envelope and then spend hours reading the mails over and over again?
*sigh* Things are never the same again with email and Facebook. You just don't have the same kind of excitement opening an email as compared to an envelope.
Not until I discovered Bead Swap!

Beads and findings that I received from Jenni :)

This is the first time I joined Bead Swap and suddenly I rediscovered the EXCITEMENT!! The palms of my hands were literary sweating with curiosity when I first open my letterbox and saw this huge package in it. I do not know why but I squeeze it, trying to feel what was inside. Of course, with the layers of bubble-wrap, I wasn't sure.
As I laid it down on my working table, memories flowed. When was the last time I received a letter from Australia? I ripped it open (kidding, I didn't) and was extremely happy to see a cute little box with so many different types of beads inside. A short note written on a card described the beads with some details. Some of the pretty lamp work beads were handmade by Jenni, my Bead Swap partner. 
Do visit her blog at  JenniBead

I was also impressed by our organiser, Lori,  who execute the entire Bead Swap project flawlessly. As I wait for the next Bead Swap, my mind started to wonder again, this time, as to how I can use the beads for my next beading project.

24 November 2011

Beads Feature: Czech Teardrop Beads

Tear Drops 6X4mm Dark BronzeTear Drops 6x4mm Matte Crystal

Who says everything must be round? Add to your creativity by using teardrop shapes! Whether you are making a bracelet, earring or necklace, try replacing your round beads with teardrops. It may be a challenge at first because the holes are at the narrow end of the bead. With a little creativity and practice, you will be proud of your finished product!
And why Czech Teardrop Beads? You know the answer, more colours, more tones, more coatings which add up to more designs for you!

23 November 2011

Beads Feature: Czech Beads

4mm AB Milky Pink4mm AB Smoky Topaz4mm Coated - Lt. Tanzanite

Czech beads are known for their wonderful craftsmanship. At ViVE Beads, we obtained our beads from the Czech Republic which is well known for the manufacture of high quality glass beads. Czech beads are available in many different shapes, colours, sizes and coatings. They are cost effective yet are of a superior quality suitable for many different types of beading projects. You can also be assured that the colours do not fade over time.

21 November 2011

Wholesale Beads, Cabochons, Charms, Findings etc...@ www.ViVEbeads.com

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support!
We have more items in our Wholesale category, so this means more savings to you!
Do click below and start shopping !!

Mini ruffled rose cabochons 10mm WHOLESALE 48pcs S$18.00 Mix colourful cabochons 50pcs S$28.00 Charm - c069ag Antique Gold Butterfly 17.5x19.5mm 50pcs S$6.00
R001gm Ring Filigree Gun Metal Adjustable 16mm wide 24pcs for S$11.00 Bead Tip / calotte Red copper H005 Copper filigree hair Clip Antique Bronze 55mm long Round filigree 25mm 24pcs S$12.00
Miniature Clay cane - MIX All Designs PR-00 PREMO clay Wholesale 20pcs S$85.00 Link Rodium Heart 15x12mm,40 for S$5.00

19 October 2011

How to Sign up for our workshops

How to sign up for our workshop?

  • Select the type of workshop you would like to sign up.
  • Make an appointment with us by SMS only : 94379452 or email vivecreation@yahoo.com.sg, preferably 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • with your Name and contact number, and start date ( pls note, currently the workshop is only on Saturday).
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit via bank transfer to POSB Saving 113-08771-4 is required at least 2 weeks in advance upon registration, balance and materials fee (if any) to be paid in CASH on the 1st session.
  • For Trial lesson / Individual Project Workshops, payment in FULL via bank transfer upon registration.
  • Please note that the date/ time is confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit.

26 September 2011

New batch of Flower Cabochons is here !!

New Flower Cabochons are now available

scalloped daisy bouquet cabochons WHOLESALE 22pcs S$16.00 sunflower WHOLESALE 24pcs S$8.50 vintage style rose cabochons 10mm WHOLESALE 40pcs S$15.00
Mini ruffled rose cabochons 10mm WHOLESALE 48pcs S$18.00 Mix colourful cabochons 50pcs S$28.00 peony ruffled cabochon 34mm WHOLESALE Mix 20pcs S$20.00
Oval floral cabochons 18x22mm WHOLESALE 24pcs S$17.00 Double Flower Bouquet Cabochons 25x16mm WHOLESALE 16pcs S$12.00 Buttercup flower cabochons 8mm WHOLESALE 40pcs S$15.00

19 September 2011

New !! Crystal Clay

Crystal ClayTM is a two part epoxy clay that is easily mixed and formed into any shape.

Working time is approximately 1-1/2 hours after mixed and clay is fully hardened in 24 hours.
Simply mix and knead both parts of the epoxy clay together for several minutes.

Add SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS fancy stones and bling out anything!

50g Package of Crystal Clay @ S$18.50
Package includes 50g of Crystal ClayTM (25g Part A & 25g Part B), 1 Pair of Vinyl Gloves, 1 Beeswax/Toothpick applicator & 36 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chatons Art. 1028
Only @ http://www.vivebeads.com
Ring bezel x 01pce
Pendant bezel x 01 pce

Samples that i made using the Dk Green Crystal clay
I used Flower Cabochons and Swarovski Crystals

New !! Baroque Art Gilders Paste

Wax-based Medium
Highlight Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Gourds And More With Beautiful Colors!  

02 September 2011

Handmade Polymer Clay Doll Angel

Polymer Clay Handmade Doll AngelsPolymer Clay Handmade Doll AngelsPolymer Clay Handmade Doll Angels Polymer Clay Handmade Doll Angels  
Size : approx 4.5cm tall, 1.5~2cm wide

(all come with a loop on top)
can be used as pendant, phone charm, bag charm
or incoporate with beads to make into bracelet, earring or necklace
those without numbers are SOLD out.

13 July 2011

NEW ! Japan Matte Glass Pearl

Love the soft and matte finished :)
Try it and you will like it !!

06 July 2011

More photos @ our gallery

I would like to share these pictures of my creations and photos taken during my class or workshops :)
I am also glad to notice that some of my students have become a craft Teacher !!
Keep it up !!