26 November 2011

My First Bead Swap

Remember the days before emails and Facebook? We look forward to the arrival of the postman, with mails from all over world. Anyone remember pen pals? How we wait for the postman to come. How our hands tremble with eagerness as we slowly peel open the envelope and then spend hours reading the mails over and over again?
*sigh* Things are never the same again with email and Facebook. You just don't have the same kind of excitement opening an email as compared to an envelope.
Not until I discovered Bead Swap!

Beads and findings that I received from Jenni :)

This is the first time I joined Bead Swap and suddenly I rediscovered the EXCITEMENT!! The palms of my hands were literary sweating with curiosity when I first open my letterbox and saw this huge package in it. I do not know why but I squeeze it, trying to feel what was inside. Of course, with the layers of bubble-wrap, I wasn't sure.
As I laid it down on my working table, memories flowed. When was the last time I received a letter from Australia? I ripped it open (kidding, I didn't) and was extremely happy to see a cute little box with so many different types of beads inside. A short note written on a card described the beads with some details. Some of the pretty lamp work beads were handmade by Jenni, my Bead Swap partner. 
Do visit her blog at  JenniBead

I was also impressed by our organiser, Lori,  who execute the entire Bead Swap project flawlessly. As I wait for the next Bead Swap, my mind started to wonder again, this time, as to how I can use the beads for my next beading project.