19 September 2011

New !! Crystal Clay

Crystal ClayTM is a two part epoxy clay that is easily mixed and formed into any shape.

Working time is approximately 1-1/2 hours after mixed and clay is fully hardened in 24 hours.
Simply mix and knead both parts of the epoxy clay together for several minutes.

Add SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS fancy stones and bling out anything!

50g Package of Crystal Clay @ S$18.50
Package includes 50g of Crystal ClayTM (25g Part A & 25g Part B), 1 Pair of Vinyl Gloves, 1 Beeswax/Toothpick applicator & 36 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chatons Art. 1028
Only @ http://www.vivebeads.com
Ring bezel x 01pce
Pendant bezel x 01 pce

Samples that i made using the Dk Green Crystal clay
I used Flower Cabochons and Swarovski Crystals