18 January 2018

Workshops by ViVE Creation

*Updated Jan 2018*

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 Beads Jewelry Making Workshop

( Small Class Size, Min 1 - Max 2 students)

Others Workshop ( Individual Design)


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* Metalsmith Workshop * 
conducted @ near Jurong East MRT
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09 January 2018

Workshop Schedule

* by appointment only *
Weekday  (6pm ~ 8pm)
Saturday (11:00 am  ~ 6:00pm)
Sunday ( Closed )

* Please note that all workshops are by appoitment only.
* Timeslot is confirmed only by payment of deposit at least 2 weeks before.
* ViVE Creation reserves the right to change schedules in the even of unforseen emergencies.

08 January 2018

Bead Stitch Workshop

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Beginner Beads Jewellery Making Workshop

If you are interested for our workshops,
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Fee: S$150 (Include all materials)
Total Duration : approx. 4 hours
 (Total : 5 projects)

During this beginner workshop, you will learn the essential basic jewellery making techniques which are very important for you to create professional-looking pieces with quality workmanship!
Foundation workshops like the one taught here is the stepping stone to more complicated techniques taught in the intermediate workshops.

Project 1 - Stringing Necklace

Come and learn the basics of jewellery design while getting hands-on experience at creating your own necklace! In this class you will make your own necklace, which you will be able to wear home after class. Unleash your creativity and find out how fun and easy it is to create colourful masterpieces!

Project 2 - Weaving Bracelet

In this lesson you will learn to use the professional weaving technique. This technique is extremely versatile and is not limited to bracelets. With a delightful combination of glass beads, glass pearls and quality Japanese seed beads, what more could a girl ask for? Come see how easy it is to make this glittering treasure.

Project 3 - Wire Flower Earring

It is not often that you are taught a professional wire technique during your beginner lessons, but that is what you get when you complete this simple looking but yet hard-to-master Wire Flower Earring. You will be surprise what your hands (and tools, of course) can achieve.

Project 4 - Small Ball Earring

This is the most popular design which is well received by students! In this lesson you will learn how to weave a 3-dimensional small ball with pearl and beads, connect it to an Ear Wire and your friends will be full of envy when they see this elegant and sophisticated Earring made by you!

Project 5 - Pin Work Necklace & Earring

Learning and perfecting the techniques of  making  perfect round and even loops requires patience and practice. In this lessons, you will learn how to make links with chains which in turn are used to make an elegant necklace. Execute a professional finish which will look good and prove to be lasting.

Sample designs :
( beads and colours may vary, you are able to choose your favourite colour and beads from our kits.)


07 January 2018

Intermediate Beads Jewellery Making Workshop

If you are interested for our workshops
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Intermediate Beading Workshop :

Level 1 and Level 2
Workshops covers Wire works ~ Hard wire and soft wire work,
complicated weaving bracelet, pendant, watch etc...
5 lessons S$200.00 (Total approx. 12.5 hrs (2~2.5 hrs per lesson))
10 lessons S$350.00 (Total approx. 25 hrs (2~2.5 hrs per lesson))
Exclude Materials  

Level 1 :

(click to view the bigger version)

The following are some samples that you will be learning in this
Intermediate workshop ~ Level 1
(Click picture to view bigger image)

Intermediate Level 2

5 lessons S$200.00, 10 lessons S$350.00 (Exclude Materials)
Some samples, more to select from our display :
( Students must completed Level 1 in order to proceed to Level 2)

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